Thanks for visiting the "Update My Service" site.

If you are having any problems with your Software and that Software uses a Nalpeiron Service then you can use the resources below to help quickly solve those issues.

This website has been setup especially for End-Users of Software that includes a Nalpeiron Service and may have been alerted to a problem with the service (The service file name is nlssrv32.exe/ The displayed service name is Nalpeiron Licensing Service). These issues may have started after the release of the latest version or patch from Microsoft.

You may have been routed here by Microsoft, or from an article about these issues below, or from a Software Publisher. The resources below are solutions to the issues you may have experienced.

Microsoft have reported an incompatibility between older versions of the Nalpeiron Licensing Windows Service and Windows 8 Update Service, to fix this Nalpeiron produced the update below, running it will solve the issue.

See kb articles: You cannot add features in Windows 8 / Configuring Updates stage stops at 15 percent

This patch has been tested by Nalpeiron to ensure it runs correctly and solves the reported issue. In order to be able to run your Software correctly all you need to do is download and run the file from the update button below. The process should only take a few minutes.

(download link to 3mb zip file)

Using the Nalpeiron Licensing Service Update

Downloading and running this Software (Nalpeiron Service will take one minute and will replace any Nalpeiron Licensing Service you have with the latest Windows 8 compatible version. It will do nothing else other than Install the Nalpeiron Licensing Service required for the operation of the Software that uses it.

The file is downloaded as a "zip" file and double clicking on it may give you choice of programs to open it.

Click your favorite unzip program or use Windows file explorer to open it.

In order to Install a Windows Service you must have Administrator rights on your Windows User Account. Most PCs have this as standard for the main user of the machine or you can select the file itself, right click, and then run it in Admin mode as below. This may require a password.

You may also need to allow the installation through User Access Control permissions as below

If you get this screen you will need to enter your admin password to allow the installation.

Installing the Nalpeiron Licensing Service

Now all you have to do is run the program and it will quickly update and install the Nalpeiron Service. Click the 'next' button after the installer starts.

NOTE: Please check that the installer has the Nalpeiron logo and appears like these images to ensure you have an original file.

In a few seconds the install should be complete, click the 'finish' button and you are now good to go.

NOTE: Please reboot/restart you PC for the changes to take place.

Re-try any programs you have been having a problem with and they should now work OK.

NOTE: Always ensure that you have an up to date Anti-virus and Anti-malware programs running on your PC before Installing anything from the Internet. Make sure that when you download this file that you run a full check on it before using it.

(download link to zip file)


Q: What if Win 8 blocks the installation?

A: If Windows 8 screens the file you will need to allow the Installation manually. Follow these steps below:

If you see this screen, click the 'more info' link.

This will show you details about the file being run, check the publisher and file name, if you are happy that it is from Nalpeiron then click 'run anyway' to proceed.

NOTE: Your PC must be in administrator permissions to give these options.

Q: What if my Anti-virus program blocks the installation?

A: If your AV program blocks the installation then you need to be sure that you have the file from Nalpeiron and then allow the installation. This may mean disabling your AV program for a minute while you install the file. This is a last resort and we hope that the file should be allowed. If you are unsure about this step do please ensure you get expert help and never risk installing anything you suspect on your PC.

Q: How do I change my account to an administrator account in Win8?

A: In Win 8 you need some expertise to change the User Account Setup. If you are familiar with finding the user account details (in the control panel) then go ahead and follow below.

Find your account under the Windows Control Panel > User Accounts. Then change either your or switch to the account you wish to change. In general you may be admin already and will need the right permissions to make any changes.

To change the account type click that link.

Choose the 'Administrator' option and click change account type.

Q: Checking the Nalpeiron Service?

A: The Nalpeiron Service is digitally signed to verify it's identity. You can check the files signature as below.

First find the file you downloaded from above - NalpeironServiceInstaller.exe.

Right click on the file itself and choose 'properties' from the menu.

Then click the middle tab, 'Digital Signatures', and check the signature list for Nalpeiron Inc.

Q: What is the Nalpeiron Service Anyway?

A: The Nalpeiron Service is used by Software Publishers to enable trial periods and other forms of licensing rights for their Software. It's required to run the Software.

Q: Is the Nalpeiron Service spy-ware or malware?

A: No. The service doesn't hide itself or do anything other than facilitate the activation of your Software. Any data sent to activate is anonymous unless you choose to register your Software with a Software publisher. The service uses Microsoft standards, is easily identifiable and can be removed. However removing it can cause issues with the Software that uses it.

Q: How do I stop the Nalpeiron Service?

A: Stopping (but not removing) the Service depends on your Windows version, see below.       

Win 8: 

  • Start the Windows 8 Task Manager >

  • go to the Services tab >

  • right-click "nlsX86cc" and click Stop.       

Win XP/Vista/7: 

  • Go to the control panel, select , Performance and Maintenance >

  • Administrative tools > 

  • Then Services. Once inside Services, scroll down to:        "nlsX86cc" Nalpeiron Licensing Service (nlssrv32.exe) , click on it, and in the upper left hand corner of the dialog click "Stop".

Please note that Nalpeiron does not support or work directly with End Users of our publishers products.

If you need support please contact your software publisher direct and not Nalpeiron.

Nalpeiron works only with your Software vendor and does not offer any support direct to the public and nor can we make any changes to your licensing on their behalf, you must speak directly with the company that supplied your Software products for anything to do with their products.

Nalpeiron simply provide a platform that Software Publishers use and we have no legal right or capability to make any changes to your products or their associated licenses.


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